TopTech: Canon CN-E & Zeiss Compact Primes

TopTech: Canon CN-E & Zeiss Compact Primes

| January 2, 2013

fxphd’s own Mike Seymour and DOP Tom Gleeson look at the Canon Cinema Primes and the new Zeiss Superspeed lenses in this new TopTech review in partnership with the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society).

The video compares the Canon and Zeiss lenses with side-by-side chart and beauty shots. Watch it below, and don’t forget also to check out the January 2013 term at fxphd which features a DOP course on CG lighting – how to light common sets, people and objects such as cars.

One Response to “TopTech: Canon CN-E & Zeiss Compact Primes”

  1. Filippo Guerra

    It would be great to see a lens breathing test, CN-E vs CP2!
    Have you tested the lenses for this issue?


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