Silhouette V6 launches with big improvements and changes

Silhouette V6 launches with big improvements and changes

news wire | December 15, 2016

A new version of the venerable paint and roto tool is now available with GPU acceleration, a new node-based graph, a Nuke-compatible feathering system, and region-of-interest functionality.

Silhouette V6 is priced at $1795 USD. An Imagineer mocha planar tracking option is available for $199 USD for new customers and $99 USD for existing v5 customers. Upgrades from V5 to V6 are $595 USD while upgrades from V1-4 to V6 are $895 USD. Customers upgrading before 31-December of this year will receive a $100 USD discount.

Here’s the full press release

SilhouetteFX, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Silhouette V6. Silhouette V6 morphs the industry’s choice for demanding rotoscope, paint and 3D conversion tasks into a full-fledged GPU-accelerated node-based compositing system.

Marco Paolini, a SilhouetteFX, LLC partner, reflects upon V6’s evolution into a node-based compositor: “Silhouette V6 empowers compositors, rotoscoping and paint artists to crank out complex shots using tools that are similar, and often superior, to more costly solutions. Existing Silhouette owners, and there are many, can step up to a fully featured node-based compositor for the price of an upgrade.”

“For new Silhouette buyers,” Mr. Paolini continued, “the modest price difference between V5 and V6 is dominated by the huge step up in capability.”

Highlights of the new release include:

  • More than 130 GPU-accelerated effects and image processing nodes in 14 groups presented in a beautifully rendered tree-based user experience. View any node while editing another allows for very complex composites that can be edited and rendered in a single pass.
  • Roto tools sport greatly expanded depth controls and a real time 3D preview.
  • New shape feathering system that is Nuke compatible, including the ability to feather open shaped “strokes.”
  • Nuke 9+ exporter that offers many options and provides excellent fidelity.
  • Silhouette’s breakthrough hybrid vector / raster paint system is greatly upgraded with increased speed, better clone brush filtering, and tighter tracker integration.
  • Tracking now available as a distinct node allowing use anywhere in the node tree.
  • Region-of-interest (ROI) saves memory and speeds up processing of today’s largest image formats.
  • Resolution independent workflow that never clips overscan areas of sources larger than the Session allowing access with a Transform node or by expanding the ROI.
  • Makes the full compositing environment available via already-famous Python API.
  • OFX plug-ins such as GenArts Sapphire are supported.
  • Improves support for MacBook Pro Retina display for artists on-the-go.

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