New course: Matte Painting Workshop I

New course: Matte Painting Workshop I

site news | October 4, 2017

In this Matte Painting Workshop course , Ludovic Iochem focuses on the main technique often used in matte painting production. Matte painting artists really need to be comfortable with these tasks and that’s a workshop session is dedicted to each of them.

Ludovic Iochem has been working in the industry for 12 years, as a matte painter, environment artist, lead artist, Environment Supervisor, and Head of Environments for companies like Double Negative or Framestore. He’s currently Head of Digital Matte Painting at Double Negative London. Iochem’s credits as an artist or supervisor include Thor 2, Bourne Ultimatum, Tree of Life, Terminator GenisysExodus, and more. As HOD, he’s done recently Blade Runner 2049, Alien Covenant, and Beauty and the Beast.

Check out the full details on the course information page.

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6 Responses to “New course: Matte Painting Workshop I”

  1. Robert

    Hi – sorry Guys, but we are making MOVIES 🙂 This techniques never worked with a real live action plates. Please make realism MP Lessons or FILM as you quote: Bourne Ultimatum, Tree of Life, Terminator Genisys, Exodus, and more. MPs with moving camera and Action shots and i’am in.. No still image Photoshop courses,…..

  2. Ludovic IOCHEM

    thanks for your comment.
    Of course for film, we’re using animate plate and moving cameras, but this course is about photoshop techniques, and at the end of the day, the techniques are the same if you’re working on DMP supposed to be reprojected in a live action plate, or if you’re just training on still frames images.
    This workshop is the first one, when we focus on the basics in Photoshop. The proper shots will follow in another Workshop.
    Thanks !

  3. Robert

    Hi Ludo,
    okay thanks. I have watched 3 or 4 of your classes at fxphd all are cool, but i need one Complete MP Workflow course with Live Action Plate like shots in this Video with the green screen. Matchmove, MP, Projection and seemless Set Extension … Hope next Time.


  4. Shannon Wilkerson

    Thanks so much for making these courses. I am going to re-sign up for FXPHD just for these. It is exactly what I have been needing for some time now.

  5. Johanz

    I truly agree with Robert and I can understand his frustrations because I felt same too. FXPHD should work with Garrett Fry he is amazing DMP teacher straight to the point, making references to Live action plate as you will encounter in a real live production.
    FXPHD has about 4-6 DPM tutorials that are the same, if we are students then we should be moving to the next step where Robert was emphasizing.
    FXPHD get Garrett Fry!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ludovic

    I’m glad you’re happy guys !
    I’m preparing a new one, with something based on a plate and a matchmove !


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