New course: <em>Lighting Photoreal Rainforests with Pixar Renderman</em>

New course: Lighting Photoreal Rainforests with Pixar Renderman

site news | June 8, 2018

This new offering, taught by Liam Whitehouse, builds upon his previous course with a detailed look at lighting and rendering using Pixar’s RenderMan. The course covers lighting, texture colour correction, displacement maps, light path expression AOVs, and even rendering for VR. For full details about the course, visit the course information page.

The course comes with over 30GB — yes, 30GB — of source images, renders, models, and more. Via the fxphd VPN, members also get access the most recent releases of the full versions of Maya and RenderMan which may be used for following along with the course and building shots for their reel.



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