This course, covering DaVinci Resolve version 17, is targeted towards users new to the software. You will be taken through the steps needed to get started with both the editing and color grading features within Resolve.

The V17 course includes over 4 1/2 hours of class instructional movies and over 4GB of source footage so you can follow along with the course. Footage supplied with the course may be used for learning or your showreel (use in commercial or non-commercial projects is prohibited). In addition, purchasers of Warren’s training will receive access to our exclusive private fxphd Slack discussion channels.

This training is exclusively available for standalone purchase in the fxphd store and is not available as part of the fxphd membership.

This is the 15th season of my partnership with fxphd producing online Resolve training. Around the world, there is more and more content being shot, all of which needs to be edited and graded to maximize impact. It doesn’t matter if you are making YouTube videos or directing your first feature film, coloring is incredibly important and is the final piece of the film making jigsaw. 
–Warren Eagles

A complete beginner’s course in Resolve

You will be taken through the steps needed to get started with both the editing and color features within DaVinci Resolve version 17. You can follow along during the 20 minute classes using the same techniques as Warren on the same footage.

What will I be editing and coloring?

You will edit a Colorado fly fishing sequence, that was shot on the Blackmagic 6K Pocket Cinema Camera. Learn how to add speed ramps, re-frames and cool text animations. Once the sequence is edited you’ll color correct it before rendering to your desired social media or TV destination.

Take this course to understand the post process and take control

Warren’s real world experience as a colorist and teaching classroom classes helps the way he transports techniques into online training classes. Movie content on a website or social media has become a vital part of marketing any business or individual. Resolve is free, so it is a great application to get started.

This course is ideal for photographers, DITs, DPs, VFX artists, editors, directors, and producers

Whether you need to make a 30 second promo for social media, a small TV commercial, corporate video, or your passion project short film, this course is ideal for you. It will also give DPs, directors and producers a better understanding of the complete post production process in order to take your skills to the next level. This course will give you the the foundation and confidence to get started with color grading.


  • ‘What is a Colorist?’ intro movie.
  • Learn about Warren as he walks you through Resolve version 17.
  • Where can you get the software and how do you install it?


  • Getting started with Resolve.
  • How to set up the Resolve user preferences.
  • Bringing Blackmagic Raw footage into the Media Pool.
  • Looking at the Metadata and clip info for our BRAW fly fishing clips.
  • Creating a basic timeline.


  • Editing a small sequence together.
  • Reviewing all your camera rushes.
  • The project settings.
  • Changing resolutions and frame rates.
  • Choosing a clip to start your edit.
  • Insert, over-right and replace commands.
  • The Slip and Roll tools.


  • Start to fine tune your edit.
  • Turing on Live Save and make a backup folder to store your projects.
  • Adding video layers.
  • Zooming into your footage with keyframes.
  • Replacing your initial edit decisions.
  • Using the Inspector to change the properties of a clip.
  • Changing clip speed.
  • Adding an end Logo.


  • Creating a new primary timeline.
  • The scopes explained.
  • The important relationship between the scope and the viewer.
  • Setting 10bit RGB values on your Color Picker.
  • Making the picture B/W to judge contrast.
  • Using the Color Picker to evaluate your levels.


  • Primary controls explained, including Lift Gamma Gain and the Offset Control.
  • Balancing a shot with a bad color temperature.
  • Do the same with an underexposed clip, how much can you do?
  • Can we bring back over exposed footage?
  • Grabbing a still frame into the Gallery


  • Using the Color Chart Match mode.
  • Copying that grade to other clips.
  • Contrast Pivot, Hue and Color temperature.
  • Using the Grey Scale ramp to understand the tools.
  • An overview of the Primary tools using the fishing footage.


  • Always balance in the first Node.
  • Why do we use or even need secondary grading?
  • Changing the color of a single object in the scene.
  • Fine tuning the isolation area with Matte Finesse.


  • Doing a Primary balance with Custom Curves.
  • Fix a color temperature issue with Curves.
  • Adding a LUT.
  • Secondary Hue Curves explained.
  • What exactly does Hue v Hue do?


  • Using the Scene Cut Detector to break a baked sequence.
  • How to change the color or exposure during a clip.
  • Why do we need Power Window shapes?
  • What are the different Power Windows and when do we use each one?
  • Basic tracking of a Window shape v manually moving with keyframes.


  • Grade a baked sequence to practice what you have learnt so far.
  • Warren gives you his thoughts on how to grade the sequence.
  • Matching shots with the Gallery still store and the Split Screen.
  • When to use each of them.
  • Play at double speed to check consistency.
  • Use the Lightbox feature to see a thumbnail of each clip in your timeline.


  • Finishing and outputting in the Delivery page.
  • Finalizing your grade.
  • Duplicating your timeline.
  • Creating a golden hour look.
  • Copying grades from one clip to another.
  • What are your output options?
  • ProRes or H264 for web delivery?
  • Exporting for Instagram.
  • Smart reframe for automatically centering the hero object in the shot.


About Warren Eagles

Warren has been grading for 30 years. He started in photography before moving into London’s film cutting rooms, he then settled into the role of Colorist. Warren has extensive experience in all forms of grading, from Super 8 music videos to feature films. A Resolve user since 2005, he is proficient in both the software and what can be achieved creatively with it. Warren has his own DaVinci Resolve grading facility in Australia and spends his time grading, or teaching International Colorist Academy classes. |

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