Resolve for Photographers

The step towards shooting and coloring moving images can be a daunting one for the established stills photographer. Instructor Warren Eagles started in photography thirty years ago and at that time the two career paths stills and movies rarely crossed. Today, the opportunity to create a web-based two minute promo when you are already working on the stills campaign has never been greater.

Photographers have always relied on the finishing tools whether grading themselves or in the trusted hands of the retoucher. Transferring those skills to moving images means you still want the same control.

DaVinci realized this around two years ago when they discovered one of the biggest new users of their software was photographers. We started to see new tools added to Resolve: Color Temp, Tint, Highlights, Shadows, Color Boost and Midtone details. These controls are similar to what you might find in Lightroom or Photoshop so making the transition an easier one. Warren’s classes will help demystify Resolve and get you comfortable in coloring and styling moving images. You can already shoot and grade a nice still picture, you just have to gain the confidence to hit play.

Resolve Training with Warren Eagles

Our series of fxphd Resolve courses contain four courses: the introductory Resolve Fundamentals, Advanced Resolve, Looks and Matching Masterclass, and Insider Techniques for the Pro Colorist.

Once you purchase our Resolve training, you can immediately download all class instruction videos. In addition, each and every course comes with at least 5GB of high resolution, high quality clips which you can use to follow along with Warren, perfect your skills, and build shots for your reel. This is unlike any other offering available online.

Warren has been grading for over thirty years. He started in photography before moving into London’s film cutting rooms, settling into the role of Colorist. Warren has extensive experience in all forms of grading, from Super 8 music videos to feature films. A Resolve user since 2005, he is proficient in both the software and what can be achieved creatively with it. Warren has his own DaVinci Resolve system in Australia and spends his time either grading or teaching International Colorist Academy classes.