Taught by Warren Eagles, this all-new course contains over five hours of training covering Advanced techniques using DaVinci Resolve v11 and v12.

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This advanced Resolve training includes training for both v11 as well as updates for the changes in v12.  ‘’I have wanted to make an online version of my successful advanced classroom course : International Colorist Academy R201, for a long time,” says Warren Eagles. “People have constantly been asking for more, not just how to use the software but why do you do it. So here it is!”

Advanced Resolve v11/v12 is an ideal course for existing Resolve users who are looking for more knowledge in both the software and the art of color grading.  “As with all my classes I try and add a little more: tips, tricks, RAW, working with clients and workflow solutions are just some of the topics I will be covering,” says Warren.

Watch an overview teaser of what Warren will be covering in the course:


Warren has been grading for 25 years. He started in photography before moving into London’s film cutting rooms, settling into the role of Colorist. Warren has extensive experience in all forms of grading, from Super 8 music videos to feature films. A Resolve user since 2005, he is proficient in both the software and what can be achieved creatively with it. Warren has his own DaVinci Resolve system in Australia and spends his time either grading or teaching International Colorist Academy classes. You find out more about Warren at  www.warreneagles.com.au & www.icolorist.com The fast forward program is standalone instruction with immediate download and does not include access to our discussion forums or VPN software. Samples and clips used during the course are available to download. Once you purchase the Advanced Resolve v11 course, you can immediately download all class instruction videos.

Advanced Resolve v11 Course Outline

Class 1: Resolve, what’s it all about?Resolve11_FF201_Class01

“Sit back and relax, you don’t have to do anything in this lesson.” Learn about Warren as he walks you through Resolve v11, examining some of the exciting new features while talking about his career in the industry.

Class 2: Editing and Conform.Resolve11_FF201_Class02

Editing with a Color corrector! In this class we outline Resolve’s powerful editing features. You might not want to edit, but adding, replacing, trimming and slipping are all important tools for the Colorist.

Class 3: Primary correctionResolve11_FF201_Class03

I have said it before and I’ll say it again The Primary controls are the most important controls you will use. This lesson showcases the difference between grading in LOG and Lift Gamma Gain. Before you master anything else you need to be able to do strong primary grading.

Class 4: Secondaries and NodesResolve11_FF201_Class04

Understanding which control to adjust rather than just moving them all is the key to successful secondary keying. For example, learn when to key and when to use a curve. It will make your work more consistent and your grades more effective.

Class 5: Windows Tracking And KeyframingResolve11_FF201_Class05

Learn how to fix broken tracks and how to animate and track at the same time. Many people hate drawing shapes I’ll show you how to effectively use an external matte instead.

Class 6: Grading RawResolve11_FF201_Class06

One of the great advances in digital cinematography has been the ability to work with RAW files, and Resolve does this extremely well. In this class we explore how adjust a RAW file and when in your pipeline. We’ll see which cameras shoot RAW and what are the advantages within Resolve of implementing a RAW workflow. We look at a variety of popular camera formats, including R3D and Blackmagic Cinema DNG

Class 7: Looks With ClientsResolve11_FF201_Class07

Most people will be working as part of a collaborative team, that means grading for a director or a client in this class I look how to make ‘looks’ and, how many looks do we offer the clients?

Class 8: Problems And How To Fix ThemResolve11_FF201_Class08

In a perfect world the footage is shot without any issues and the DOP is completely able to achieve the look they want on set. Unfortunately very few of us live in that world. In the real world you don’t always get fantastic footage to work with. This class shows you how to handle problem material.

Class 9: WorkflowResolve11_FF201_Class09

A colorist can sometimes spend as much time prepping a project as grading it so here are a few tips to speed your up your workflow. Given the nature of large projects even small savings in time can make a huge difference over the life of your project, freeing up more time to be creative and reducing the stress than can come from a poorly organized and run session.

Class 10: Control SurfacesResolve11_FF201_Class10

While Resolve can work just from the UI on screen, most serious colorist soon want to be able to use a control surface and operate with both hands while focusing on the creative. Here are my thoughts on the Resolve panel options. I also explore how you can do remote grading with Resolve 11.

v12 Update 1Resolve-v12-update1

These 2 update classes are using the new v12 software and showcases all the new features of v12. Including the Redesigned GUI and Clone tool to copy from clients HDD. We also go over the primary controls aimed at still photographers.

v12 Update 2Resolve-v12-update2

The second update goes over the new curve controls and the secondary 3D keyer. There’s a totally redesigned tracking tool including a new 3D tracker. Plus, we go over animating individual points in the tracker.

Bonus ClassesAdvanced-Bonus

There are also bonus classes that were recorded for the  v11.2.1 update, covering the following topics:

  • Move folders to Media Pool and keep structure
  • Clone Folder from USB to your fast storage
  • Trim clips from USB to Fast storage then re-conform from Bins
  • Adding Markers to jump to selected frames
  • Group grading with Pre-Clip v Clip v Post Clip
  • Window Opacity for controlling color and contrast in a selected Power Window
  • Cache 4K RAW files to get Realtime playback
  • Cache to get RT when using lots of Nodes or NR
  • New DNG tone curve, much better for REC709 grading,
  • New Adjustment tools in the Color Match Palette called Highlights,Shadows, Color Boost and Midtone Detail
  • New 4k DNxHR render options great for Avid users.

Customer Testimonials

“Warren: I picked this up as a refresher. Since I felt like I was missing things in v9 and your v8 class was hugely helpful for getting me started from Apple Color… I only had a chance to get through the first video yesterday, but I’ve already learned something that I was able to use with a client last night! Client needed an address blurred, and I was able to do one better and flat out remove it with your cloning tip. Thanks for the great info, can’t wait to see what else I missed during the v10 Beta!” -Eric Johnson Colorist, Los Angeles


“fxphd fastforward with Warren Eagles is time well spent. Plus, you can take the videos with you. I have them in my iTunes. It’s like having Warren with me ready with advice where ever I go.” – James Wicks Colorist, Florida “I was worried that I would have a long learning curve like most new programs, but with Warren’s fxphd course when I would get stuck trying to figure out a function, I could easily look up a feature from Warren’s course (QuickTime file) and refresh my memory. I find it easier to learn by watching a movie rather than sifting through a 1000 page manual.” – Adam Eden Eden Creative, Sydney


“I just wanted to thank you for the online davinci course via fxphd.  Well worth the 200 dollars.  You made the course very easy to understand the program.  I’m a 16 year nonlinear editor that has worked on commercials, tv shows for espn and vs network and countless promotional videos.  I find myself at a crossroads where I want to retire from editing and become a colorist.  I’ve always enjoyed color correction but there is still a lot more I need to know.  I hope my 40s will be the years where I transition from editor to colorist.  By the time I’m 50 that’s all I want to do.” – Caine Parker Editor, Florida


“I want to thank you for the amazing experience that ICA was for me, soon as I become better in color grading I will send you frames of my work so you can see how helpful the classes were.” Abel Rodriguez Univision Miami


“A big thank you to Warren and the team at the ICA for all their work. I have a 15-year history grading on other platforms, but on Resolve I knew nothing. So I did an intensive two day training course with Warren, and just a few days later I was grading my first paid job as a freelance Resolve colourist. Warren is a top-notch instructor who has the expertise, and the patience (in my case) to get the message across. I learned a lot in just a couple of days, and feel confident that no Resolve grading job is too challenging for me now. Cheers Woz” Gerard Ward NZ www.colourgrade.tv

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