October Term is Now Open

October Term is Now Open

| October 1, 2015

The new term is now open here at fxphd! We have an outstanding lineup of new courses, with a bunch of new courses that are sure to be of interest to artists focused on 3D, visual effects, and production. Check out our term overview video, which covers the new courses running at fxphd this term.

Background Fundamentals also returns, which is our weekly magazine style course that is a bonus for being a member.

The new courses as well as the repeats on offer this term are now available on our course listing page. If you’re not familiar with fxphd, we also have a page that explains more about how fxphd works.

The October term in brief

The lineup has multiple courses for various areas of specialty such as vfx, pipeline and 3D. The selection is then rounded out by several other broader offerings. In a nutshell, here are the new courses on offer this term:

  • C4D219: Motion Graphics Production Techniques with Cinema 4D (Tim Clapham)
  • C4D220: Effects with Cinema 4D and Houdini (Perry Harovas)
  • DMP207: Digital Matte Painting: Lost Desert City (Ludovic Iochem)
  • MYA224: Maya Fundamentals: Simulation and Effects (Matt Leonard)
  • MYA225: Technical & Artistic Aspects of Texturing (Alban Orlhiac)
  • MYA226: Look Development using Maya and Arnold (Charles Chorein)
  • NUK233: Hollywood Nuke Techniques for Indie Projects (Joshua Galbincea)
  • NUK311: Nuke, Motion Control & Deep Composition (Victor Perez)
  • UNR301: Motion Control & Unreal Engine 4 (Jon Gress)
  • VFX303: The Underwater Shot (Ludovic Iochem)
  • VFX304: Explosive Pyro Action Sequences with RenderMan (Liam Whitehouse)


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