fast forward: Introduction to 5th Kind

fast forward: Introduction to 5th Kind

| December 17, 2012

Digital asset management is a concern for many facilities working on major projects involving millions of dollars. How can files remain organized, searchable, view and trackable and distributed securely? 5th Kind is addressing these exact questions. 5Th kind provides a way to centralize and tag all digital files across the entire production – anything and everything including scripts, casting, dailies, access to remote vendors, VFX and marketing materials – into one system. This reduces costs, eliminates duplicate tasks, makes for fewer emails, simplifies appropriate access and provides easy locating and re-use of assets across the entire company, production or studio.

This course, taught by John Attard, will introduce the 5th Kind digital asset management system. Giving you you the fundamental understanding on how it functions and how it can be integrated into studio environments. This course is ideal if you are at a major facility or joining one and want to step up to large scale production asset management.

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Many of our courses at fxphd are great for anyone working in any environment, but some such as this course from 5th Kind, are for those of you who aspire or work on large scale productions. Marvel Comics, and all it suppliers and subsidiaries for example use 5th Kind Asset management. It is used on all Aardman features, films like Men in Black 3 and many more. 5th Kind is not designed for individuals, it is designed for large Hollywood tentpole productions, but it’s influence is huge, as is the scope of its functions.

The fast forward program is standalone instruction with immediate download and does not include access to our discussion forums or VPN software.

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Introduction to 5th Kind Course Outline

Class 1: What is digital asset management ?

What is workflow management? Who uses 5thkind and why ? Who and what is 5thkind & What are our course goals ?

Class 2: Interface

Tag metadata/associations, Numerous associations break linear, Asset ingestion, What is meta data & How you use it to structure assets for long term usage

Class 3: System setup

Defining the workspace, Looking at an example structure of permissions, How to configure production, Step thru admin, Interface, Administration & Asset access control

Class 4: Intro to production workflow

Department structures and communication, Interface, Package share & Using the mobile app

Class 5: Pre Production

Art Department / Production documents, Bidding Process, Interface, Package transfer, Queue management & Crew list management

Class 6: Pre Production & Interface

On set workflows, On set Metadata, Impact to VFX workflow & Film vs. Digital vs Virtual Production, Data Wrangler, Camera Reports, Dailies & Script notes

Class 7

Mike sits down with John for a chance to use him as a case study for 5th Kind.

Class 8: Post Production & Interface

Footage Pulls & VFX Turnover, Shoot Plate/Element tracking, workflow tracking & VFX Reports

Class 9: Marketing

Distribution and deliverables & Benefits of archive.

Class 10

Building a library from assets within 5th Kind.

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