A new fxphd : more affordable & on your schedule, with same great training

A new fxphd : more affordable & on your schedule, with same great training

| March 24, 2016

fxphd started ten years ago and for our anniversary we are completely changing the way you can access our brilliant courses to take your career to the next level. Instead of the previous term-based model you can now join monthly and get immediate unlimited access:

  • Monthly membership from $79/month
  • Watch all of our courses on offer
  • New courses added each month
  • Your choice of streaming (standard membership) or download with project files (premium membership)
  • Same exceptional training from the world’s experts
  • All ready for viewing, with no waiting or delays

Members told us they wanted a more flexible subscription and here it is, with a lot to choose from! Did you know fxphd has more Nuke training for example than any other online source? Well, we do. In addition to Nuke, we cover compositing, 3D, visual effects, cinematography, lighting, rendering, matte painting and much more. We have courses with both detailed product training and also project-based problem solving with multiple applications.

Don’t have all the applications? We have educational versions of most of the world’s professional tools free for you to use to learn and build your killer show reel.

We have both a low cost streaming option and a premium option which includes full download, high quality source files and some of the most respected training in the world. Now is the best time to join the training site that many top facility recruiters around the world look for in job applications.

Find out more about how fxphd works by visiting our fxphd faq page. For the full listing of courses available, please visit our course listing.

Some of the of classes on offer include :

  • NUK309: Advanced NUKE & Digital Environments (Eran Dinur)
  • FUS203: Fusion Production Workshop (Daniel Smith)
  • NUK311: Nuke, Motion Control & Deep Compositing (Victor Perez)
  • NUK301: The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work
  • C4D219: Motion Graphics Production Techniques with Cinema 4D (Tim Clapham)
  • VRL201: VR Production & Post: Live Action (Alex Henning & Scott Squires)
  • HOU215: Lighting & Rendering Explosions in Houdini & Nuke (Liam Whitehouse)

Our instructors, or ‘profs’ as we call them at fxphd, are skilled professionals working at the top facilities around the world such as MPC, ILM, Double Negative and Weta. The profs are also filmmakers and several have gone on to direct some pretty cool major motion pictures such as Gareth Edward, (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Godzilla) and Wes Ball (Maze Runner and Scorch Trials) as well as dozens of Sundance Films and TV shows. Their immediate and immense experience not only shows you the latest techniques but how the tools are used in their pipelines and set you up for true career success.

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16 Responses to “A new fxphd : more affordable & on your schedule, with same great training”

  1. Dawid Giemza

    I think that this is an awesome move!

  2. behram

    This is just amazing !
    Thank you and a BIG HUG to the entire team.

  3. Michael Richards

    Will the previous Background Fundamentals classes be available?

  4. Jeff Fuchs

    I think this is a great move. So many things have been moving to a subscription model, now I know many people that hate that model, but I am not one of them. I like having a manageable monthly payment for a great product while at the same time companies keep revenue coming in to maintain their product. As a long time subscriber to Digital Tutors (now Pluralsite) I have never been able to justify making the investment in FXPHD courses, now it’s within grasp and I thank you for that.

  5. Rick Misterio

    This is the best deal of the year.!! I’m In. i hope you can put in stock Past BKD terms, so I’ll be In forever.

  6. Fernando

    There will be new courses every 3 months as usual? How will this work with the new system?
    Thanks a lot

    • John Montgomery

      We’ll be rolling out new courses continually over time instead of releasing in batches. Right now, we’re in production with the first batch and expect the first one to be rolling out in a week or two.

  7. adam flynn

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if the classes that are being offered are only the ones here: https://www.fxphd.com/courses

    Any chances that you’ll be putting up some of the older flame courses?

    thanks for your time

  8. anathe james

    WAoooh Guys WEEEEEll done great move i am in ….

  9. Torgeir Sanders

    Hi! So this is a monthly membership of the old Vault, with new content going directly into the Vault? No assignments and feedback from “profs”? Still great that you’re keeping the option to download videos, streaming can be a pain while viewing on the train etc.

  10. Pyr

    I’m a bit confused as to which courses are available now as well. “Advanced Resolve v11/12” with Warren, for example. Is that offered under the $79 monthly subscription? And if not, then how do I access that course?




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