what’s next?

what’s next?

| May 4, 2007

No sooner had we finished on the bid Zombie shoot – and taken a day to return gear etc… then we were in preproduction for our next fxphd shoot. Now I can’t give away the details until next week.. but was thankfully a smaller half day “magazine” style shoot.
Shot on P2 the new shoot was much more like a Tv show, or magazine style program. Interestingly for me – the Host is a great talent, – called Angie, the Editor is named Angie and our Producer on the project … you guessed it … is called Angie.
As i have a daughter called Angie – it was pretty easy for me to remember everyone’s name !

It is interesting how similar the P2 workflow with the Firestore harddrive option is to the Viper and Venom solution we used on the Zombie shoot. In coming weeks we will be doing classes on this workflow and showing some behind the scenes production workflow for shooting such a show and doing the graphics and lower thirds – you can check these out in our AE , FCP and BKD courses.


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