Visiting LA to wrap up Lustre

Visiting LA to wrap up Lustre

| April 5, 2007

Just wrapped up recording the last classes of the Lustre course last night with grader/artist Jeff Olm. Flew into LA yesterday morning and headed right on over to the Autodesk office to set up recording.

fxphd postgrad Ido dropped by to help out and was invaluable in getting the session done. It was great to meet in person, as he’s been a big help on phd (he did the new oil rig legs). As a bonus, he got to spend about an hour on a tricked out Lustre system. I gotta say…I was quite impressed at how quickly he got working on the system. I mean….of course I knew that Cedric could teach, but…. 😉
Jeff is doing work during the day in Hollywood on pilot, so he was kind enough to spend his evening with us. His background is broad — from visual effects, to grading in a film workflow, to grading on location — I think Lustre class members will find the interview interesting.

fxphd postgrad Ido on the Lustre

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  1. Anonymous

    who’s that handsome young lad… oh that’s me! Bummer 😛
    just wanted to thank john, Jeff and everyone at autodesk for having me over again. It was quite awesome. And if I may say, being there in person was almost as good as watching the final product on QuickTime 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for preparing such an article. Respect and affection, Marc suzkerberg


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