Tuesday At NAB

Tuesday At NAB

| April 18, 2007

Today was a really tough day for the HD film crew as we were shooting loads of material.
In brief it ran like this

7am Call time

8.30 show floor

9.30 RED Video interview

11.00 Meetings

12.00 Apple Video Interview

1.30 Foundry – Nuke Video Interview

2.00 Shake – Furnace Video Interview

3.30 General filming at the show – quick interviews on everything from 3D tracking to LED blue screens.

5.30 BarCamp at the Recording suite- which was a huge success.

7.00 Day 3 Podcast – recorded before the 30 or so live fxphd audience guests (see fxguide.com)

8.30 – 9 finish the podcast and then start editing

10 Prof drinks to celebrate Mark and my birthdays at Red Square until 1 am – then extra podcast work until 2am.

BarCamp in Vegas - podcasting

Still we got a lot done and the BarCamp was a great met up… i think the podcast was one of the best of the show – with a really interesting discussion about the future of compositing packages.

thanks to all for coming – really BRILLIANT to meet you all… 🙂

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