Thurs before NAB

Thurs before NAB

| April 12, 2007


Sorry to not post for the last couple of days but let me explain..

I posted on Monday, on Tuesday we were shooting and Wed I was flying to LA – today is Thursday and here I am !

OK to recap on Tuesday as this is mainly a blog about production stuff and not a blog about how much I love Santa Monica – (or LA’s drive through Starbucks!)

We had a full day testing the Viper digital camera ahead of the shoot. The camera performed well.
We were testing the FilmStream vs the HD workflow. In both you have the option of 16:9 or Anamorphic, – but just how the Anamorphic works is beyond me right now – most certainly one to ask the guys at NAB. It seems to be an optical Anamorphic – but I am not sure.

We filmed a bunch of test shots to see how hand held we could go… all really helpful. We also tested recording to the Venom pack – and an SR deck and direct to the Codex field unit.
We tried it off the back of a camera bike (a 4 wheeler) for the bike shots – as well as just shoulder mount.
Later we moved to the office and shot green screen tests. I think we might use the greenscreen in some keying work in BKD – as it might be worth giving fxphd Post grads some material to comp with and play with yourselves.

It was a long day – starting at 4AM – so Jimmy and I could sort out BKD FCP edits at the office before being on set by 7am. We also field tested the P2 cameras for use in both BKD and at NAB. I am starting to fall in love with the P2… nice lens – good professional kit. Again I may discuss with John using the P2 for the stunt shoot – so you guys have some 720 P material to comp with.

Flight to LA was non-eventful – other than to say 14.5 hours is a long time for me to sit still without a latte !!!
Very good to be here with Jeff H, at the orginal Tech Bunker. We also recorded a fxphDOD via skype with both John and a couple of other profs. – Rose and Tahl who are both in Chicago – before NAB.

Hey pass the word – we will be doing daily fxguide podcast from Vegas… should be huge ! We also have some interesting gossip on one of the big three As (Apple, Adobe or Autodesk) and more that will all be on Sunday nights podcast.


Last night I went to the Emmy’s Entourage function – very cool – great actors, not the best organised event – but watch next week’s Ep – we got to see it and it is very very funny – especially if you like Ari !

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  1. Anonymous

    As my mean boss won’t let me go to NAB, I’m counting on you guys for all the juice tidbits! Have a great time. Wish I could be there!

  2. Anonymous

    My mean boss won’t let me go to NAB so I’m counting on you guys to bring us all the juicy tidbits, as well as a taste of the after-hours fun!


  3. Anonymous

    Viper doesn’t use optical anamorphics.
    Viper’s sensor is 1920 wide by 4320 tall & its nonsuare pixels.To do 1.77, they combine 4 vertical pixels high by 1 pixel wide off the sensor. 4320/4=1080.
    To do 2.37, they combine every 3 vertical pixels off the 1920x(4320/3=1440) sensor & extract the center 1080 (of 1440 lines) & electronically create an anamorphic hd video frame.
    Thanks for all the great vegas coverage & podcasts.
    Telecine Ass’t
    Nice Shoes


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