Studio Profile : Character Animation inside ILM

Studio Profile : Character Animation inside ILM

| January 16, 2012

Maia Kayser is a Lead Character Animator at ILM. In this, our first video studio profile, we travel to the Presidio in San Francisco to Industrial Light & Magic to see what it is like to be a woman doing digital character animation in films such as Rango.
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12 Responses to “Studio Profile : Character Animation inside ILM”

  1. joseHerrera

    Thanks for putting this material out , I have enjoyed the first show . Great work!!

  2. Iuri Tampolski

    Awesome, i´m a huge admiror of ILM´s work and love the show. Looking forward to see new profiles!!

  3. Parag Gaikwad

    Thanx a ton FXphd!!!..waz very useful!!!

  4. Andy Clarke

    Thanks for MORE awesome free material. Love ILM and very excited about seeing more fully animated content from them.

  5. Patrik Lindkvist

    Great stuff! You guys rock!

  6. SerjanD

    Thanks for this kind of inspirational videos.

  7. Matt Leonard

    Fantastic interview guys, thanks so much for going not the extra mile but the extra 10,000 miles.

    Can’t wait to see whats coming next !

  8. Erik Elvgren

    Good interview. I was hoping that we would hear something about what it’s like being a woman working at ILM, but there wasn’t much on that. But it was an interesting piece anyway.

  9. rweston

    Very interesting and enjoyable to watch – I wish it was longer, but what a great treat to see at fxphd. I look forward to seeing more of these sneak peeks behind the scenes of the industry. Keep up the great work, fellas!

  10. Paul Ashall

    Excellent interview… Nice to know the guys at ILM are human too! 😉 Maybe twist her arm into teaching a 300 level character animation course? Anyway, I’m looking forward to more of these artist interviews.


  11. Paul Brown 3rd

    I was delighted to see Maia featured for this interview. As a former classmate, I have witnessed her hard work, dedication, and wonderful personality first hand. I am not surprise that she is such a great asset for ILM. I am awestruck that she was involved in some of the biggest projects to date for ILM and I thought her interview was insightful. Thank you, FXphd and Maia Kayser. May you have continued success in the future.

  12. Juju McCartney

    Wow! Very impressive and inspiring. I wish Maia continued success and recognition for her talent and wonderful work ethic. This young woman was a brilliant choice for your first interview FXphd. Thank you, thank you.


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