Shooting this week for fxphd – MoCo

Shooting this week for fxphd – MoCo

| October 6, 2015

This week we are in Sweden shooting for and the new term’s Nuke 300 course with Victor Perez. Victor will be covering a range of high end Nuke including state of the art high speed motion control, deep comp and advanced Nuke pipelines. Mike Seymour will also cover the great work that Stiller Studios does in Background Fundamentals.


Victor on set (left) in blue (yes the rig really is that big – 4.5 tones to be exact)


All this week we will be reporting daily from Stiller Studios in Stockholm and posting shots and tests.

Bruno Mendes (19) from Brazil, one of the world’s best railers.


The team at Stiller have invited us to film the spot we pre-vized last term in fxphd and wrote about with Moon Unit for our pitch story on  The TVC is for TIP technology from Performance SK8 skateboards and is a high speed (1000+ fps) TVC filmed on three (yes three) massively cool motion control units from Academy Award winning Mark Roberts Motion Control.  Joining us here from London are some of the team from Mark Roberts and a team from Love High Speed also based in the UK.

….More about each of them over the week.


Day one is actually the preproduction day so we are just testing out lenses and camera angles. The real fun begins tomorrow when we move out of the studio and start truly lighting and film the shots. These images above are just test shots done for checking out angles before the main units sets up up tomorrow.

What toys will we be showing you this week?

2 x Bolt Motion control rigs

1 x Cyclops Rig

2 x Phantom 4K cameras

1 X Red Epic

The ultra cool Stiller motion control studio (and Nuke pipeline)

A ton of Lenses, GoPros, 5DMkIII, drones, Pyro and everything we can throw at this.



Keep an eye on our social media feeds (@mikeseymour) & our facebook page but most of all check back here tomorrow …when the fun really starts!

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    Looks really exciting! – wish i could be there

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    This is sooooo awesome!


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