Shooting started on Moving Day

Shooting started on Moving Day

| October 15, 2009

car We have started shooting Moving Day out of the Sydney office. The film is directed by Jason Wingrove (who you will know from our Red Centre production podcast), it is such an education to watch Jason work on set. The film is being shot on the RED using anamorphic lens and with secondary photography on the Canon 7D.

The performances and imagery are beautiful. The fxphd ‘Special Ops’ team are just gearing up to start work on the project to produce the various visual effects ranging from matte paintings to cgi and compositing. The anamorphics should make for some interesting tracking issues (when combined with rolling shutter… but we are yet to start post). We are lucky to have the film being edited by Richard Learoyd (iRobot, Knowing), so I cant wait to finish shooting and see the material in a cut.

The Canon 7D is performing alright but it is noiser than I might have thought, but on a Red Rock Micro Capt. Stublin SLR rig it is proving useful. There is no doubt in my mind you would not want it as your primary camera, but it is an amazing secondary camera. For me personally, the main issue with the camera is the recording format and its 8 bit limitations on grading combined with compression artifacts. More on this in this terms DSLR course inside fxphd and in the new Directing Course Jason is running this term.

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  1. Anonymous

    WOW – I tell you even though I’ve done my best to learn all I can on my own, you guys at FXPhd continue to pop up and impress me with the level of teaching. Its great to see you working with so many industry pros too – that really does set you apart. Can I ask, how does the Special Ops thing work? Also, on completion of your courses, how well do students fair in the industry? I am seriously pondering on the idea of taking some courses with you if the job hunt doesnt work out. Cheers


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