Shooting a Zombie!

Shooting a Zombie!

| May 1, 2007


So we are on Day 3 – and back at the same location as yesterday.
This is a fun day we shoot arrows through our Zombie and then blow him up!

This will of course involve a few visual effects shots, but as you can see from today’s image – the sun has come out… so we may have a bunch of extra shots to remove bright sunny blue skies to match the light rain of day 1… but literally there is nothing we can do about this on set… except try and minimise the harsh shadows we did not have on day 1.

The shoot went well, but we had so much to shoot we were shooting into dusk – so it remains to be seen how the camera matches as the light lowers – of course we compensated with exposure – but it will be interesting to see the responsiveness of the camera to low light and how well it matches.


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  1. Anonymous

    So if you need some sky shots of rain sodden skies,,, I can get them pretty easy here (Seattle springtime, not ). Can shoot with a Nikon D70 some stills for sky replacements.


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