| April 22, 2007

I wanted to thank everyone from NAB – but now I am back in Sydney, our attention turns to the Shoot this weekend. We have had a production crew in pre-production while I was in the States and they have done a great job in preparing everything.

For those who have heard about the zombie script, you’ll know that involved a short scene with firearms. In light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, we have removed this scene from the script. While the intent of our script was never to encourage teens with firearms – it was in poor taste and in light of the events of the last week or so, something we should not in anyway ‘glorify’. As such it was a universally easy decision to remove the scene and alter the script.

One can never put the tragic events of Virginia Tech just at the feet of filmmakers, but we do still need to see our role in popular culture and also respect the feeling of those who have been affected by any such tragedy. What can seem cool one day becomes poor taste, or disrepectful the next, especially once the shadow of recent events is cast.


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