Day two

Zombie Drive through !!! On the way to the shoot this morning – Richard – or Zombie – wanted breakfast after being in the makeup chair for hours (since 4 am) We figured … why not try the drive via a local McDonalds !!! […]

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Day One

Production is off to a great start. Today is filming in a residential street which we needed to both lock down and then make look like a bomb zone. Most of the filming today was from the Viper Camera with the Venom pack, mounted on a steadicam – which in turn was mounted on the […]

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Preproduction continues… but not much to blog as I have been sick as a Dog. We shoot SAT-SUN-MON-TUES…. and today & tomorrow (thur-fri) are last minute pre-production… wow it sucks being sick… plus I need to get classes out… anyway sorry for the lack of postings but I will start back tomorrow Mike […]

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I wanted to thank everyone from NAB – but now I am back in Sydney, our attention turns to the Shoot this weekend. We have had a production crew in pre-production while I was in the States and they have done a great job in preparing everything. For those who have heard about the zombie […]

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Tuesday At NAB

Today was a really tough day for the HD film crew as we were shooting loads of material. In brief it ran like this 7am Call time 8.30 show floor 9.30 RED Video interview 11.00 Meetings 12.00 Apple Video Interview 1.30 Foundry – Nuke Video Interview 2.00 Shake – Furnace Video Interview 3.30 General filming […]

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Monday was a good day.. last night we did the Autodesk user group. There was a huge reaction from the people there. We started podcasting around 7.30 and finished around 9.30 – but of course we were setting up from 5 and we did not finish editing until well after 1am. (see Gary and Tahl […]

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