New course: USD in Houdini 19.5

This course is a follow-up of HOU221: USD and LOPs for Houdini Artists which was released using Houdini 18.5. One year later, Houdini 19.5 was released and with it, a lot of changes have been introduced in Solaris and Karma. This course will cover some of the new workflows that were introduced as well as changes in previous workflows that were modified since the last course was released. The main areas that will be updated in this mini-course are changes to Karma, an overview of surfacing with MaterialX, and using the new Component Builder.

Jeronimo Maggi started his career as a 3D generalist and has been working with Houdini as an FX Artist for the last 4 years. He worked for several years in the education field teaching Houdini and currently works in Method Studios Vancouver as an FX TD. Aside from Houdini, he also programs in Python and enjoys creating tools to speed up workflows.