New course: Realistic Destruction Workflows

We’ve worked really hard to deliver outstanding Houdini training this year, and we plan to further build upon this curriculum next year. Our curriculum is a whole series of courses developed with Andrew Lowell with the aim of providing the best structured training available online.

Our final Houdini release for 2020 is taught by none other than Andrew himself and will guide you through the latest destruction processes and workflows using Houdini and Bullet. Technical methods as well as eye development come together in the course and you’ll be guided through the complete destruction process, producing a realistic final result.

Realistic destruction starts with reference and high quality, representative fractures. Constraints between rigid body objects should be varied and appropriate based on material type. Testing for realism can be performed prior to simulation and the simulation can be assessed both as a scientist as well as an animator. Post motion processing can final a tough destruction shot in days instead of weeks.

For full details, visit the course information page for HOU230: Realistic Destruction Workflows and watch the course overview video, below.