New course: <em>Photogrammetry with Metashape and Nuke</em>

New course: Photogrammetry with Metashape and Nuke

site news | December 7, 2019

Photogrammetry without a 3D software? Yes! This course is designed for compositors that want to integrate objects generated in Metashape without the help of a 3D software. In this course, you will learn how to solve 3D objects in Metashape from scratch and then see various tricks on how to import them inside Nuke so that you can push your composites to the next level.

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The course covers two projects. The first one will be an introduction to how you can use photogrammetry along with Nuke. In the second one, you’ll take what you learn, get serious, and push things to the next level. This is the perfect training for anyone wanting to learn Metashape or any compositor that want to learn several advanced tricks in Nuke.

Hugo Léveillé is currently head of compositing at Mels Studios in Montreal. With over 15 years of VFX experiences, he also shares his work time by creating and integrating pipeline tools for Nuke.

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  1. Jean Luis Blanco

    Necesito saber como usar Agisotf y integrar el modelado 3D en un video real.


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