New course: <em>Look Development with V-Ray Next</em>

New course: Look Development with V-Ray Next

site news | February 25, 2019

Our new course, taught by Amid Rajabi, covers the look development process for a realistic car using V-Ray Next for Maya, the latest version of V-Ray from the Chaos Group. It covers the software’s powerful shaders by doing intensive studio lighting and then exporting AOVs and compositing the elements in Nuke. For full details about the course, you can visit the course overview page.

fxphd members have access to V-Ray Next on the VPN, which allows them license the software and use it to follow along with the course or build shots for their reel (use for commercial or other purposes is not allowed).

Rajabi is a freelance Look Development and Compositing artist and instructor, He has been working in the industry for close to 16 years, becoming a Nuke Certified Trainer in 2012 and has been working with Chaos Group as a closed beta tester. He has worked with the team at fxphd and fxguide since 2013 as well as is proud to say he has also taken courses at fxphd over the years.

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  1. Soroush Doustvandi

    Proud of you Amid, Keep going…

  2. Behrooz Ghezel

    Great !! Thanks Dear Amid

  3. Peyman Mokaram

    Great Amid!! proud of you!!


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