New course: Automotive Cinematography in Unreal Engine, Part 1

This course is the first of a two-part offering which shows how to use Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 5 to create a photorealistic cinematic short of a Ford Mustang in an urban city environment. Our latest offering (class by class breakdown here) covers material authoring, look development, lighting, virtual cinematography, and high-quality render settings in Unreal Engine. It’s taught by Liam Whitehouse, who has taught several other courses for us, including Realtime Cinema Environments in Unreal Engine and Creating Film Resolution Assets for Unreal Engine

Liam is an Australian based Senior VFX artist, who has been in the 3D industry since 2003. He has worked on various projects over the past 18 years including most recently the photoreal canyon environments for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus, and the hollow earth environments for Godzilla vs Kong, as well as VFX work on other upcoming high profile feature films and episodic series.