| April 17, 2007

Monday was a good day.. last night we did the Autodesk user group.

There was a huge reaction from the people there.
We started podcasting around 7.30 and finished around 9.30 – but of course we were setting up from 5 and we did not finish editing until well after 1am. (see Gary and Tahl in the bar at 1.00 am below)

Special thanks to all the guests and especially all the fxphd Post Grads who worked so hard to make the event so successful.

Monday morning we shot down to the convention center and went over to the RED booth.. so see the new Peter Jackson RED short film… within 30 mins of the show opening the queue was over an hour long and it has reamined that way ever since. (see the story on – we also recorded an entire Background fundamentals on the P2 camera and recordered a lot of podcasts – not finishing until late late on Monday night with Dinner around 11pm and crashing out at around 1am.

One of the things we launched was the – which is a collaborative RED film project – something I hope many of you will join us in !

Tomorrow – Tuesday is a day to film down at the NAB all day – so more production issues tomorrow – plus BarCamp !!!


The Profs in the Bar - Sunday night

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