New course: <em>Impact-Based Dust Volumetrics in Houdini</em>

New course: Impact-Based Dust Volumetrics in Houdini

site news | December 13, 2019

Any great looking impact is supported by the crucial volumetric component. Getting volumetric clouds of dust and particulates moving and rendering correctly can often prove a challenging task for juniors and seniors alike. This course, taught by Bruno Ebé, focuses on generating great looking volumetric dust based on impacts and preparing you to be able to adapt these types of simulations to art direction.

This course and over 250 others is available with an fxphd membership. For more details about this specific course as well as a full class outline, visit the course information page.

From blocking the simulation to choosing the final render resolution, you will build and automate the workflow aiming at iteration speed, which is key in any shot production process. And because FX simulations can be very consuming and demanding on a studio’s infrastructure, especially when wedging parameters to find the right values, you will see how to optimize the data and cache only what is needed when it is needed. This will allow the artists to adapt them quickly to revisions and changes in the art direction.






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