New course: <em>Houdini FX, Particle Fundamentals and Fuzzy Logic</em>

New course: Houdini FX, Particle Fundamentals and Fuzzy Logic

site news | June 27, 2019

Particle motion, simulation, behaviour, and theory are at the core of the FX artist’s skillset. Andrew Lowell is back with a new course that will challenge you with various particle and motion exercises and the construction of a non-human crowd.

Skills gathered will be a strong command of animation and movement. Rotational math, angular calculations, and various other types of environment interaction like distance curves, and speed calculations. The learner will gain an understanding of particle motion and attributes, fuzzy logic and development methodology.

This course is just a small part of the over 100 hours of Houdini training that we have here at fxphd. Once you join, you’ll have access to every single course we have on offer.

For many years Andrew has been recognized by industry as an FX TD and trainer.Movie credits/studios include Mummy 3Aliens in the AtticInvictusThorSucker PunchTransformers 3Jack the Giant Slayer, and Ender’s Game at studios Digital Domain, Rhythm and Hues, and Animal Logic. He’s conducted many seminars around the world and written articles, authored a Houdini book, also conducts formal training at dedicated institutions such as Animation Workshop and fxphd.

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