New course: <em>Introduction to Fusion in Resolve</em>

New course: Introduction to Fusion in Resolve

site news | January 4, 2019

During this course comprised of eleven classes, Graham Davidson will show you how to carry out a broad range of day to day effects-related tasks in Resolve. The nearly seven hours of training covers everything from the basics of navigating the interface to making 3D titles move along an animated path or turn into rising steam. It will take you through the tracking and keying options as well as demonstrate how to create convincing timelapse clouds and moving water from still photographs using displacement and the Grid Warp Tool.

For more details on the course, visit the course overview page.

With twenty years experience using Fusion, and several years of using Resolve as his primary editing package, Graham is ideally placed to present this course. Version 15.2 of Resolve is the first implementation of bringing Fusion’s node-based compositing into Resolve, and as such there’s still a few bugs and glitches that haven’t yet been ironed out. Throughout the course, Graham will help you find workarounds to some of the more common issues.

Whether you’re a Resolve artist or editor who wants to gain a basic understanding of compositing or a motion graphics designer with broad based After Effects experience, this course will give you a basic understanding hat will help you unleash the potential of the Fusion page in Resolve.



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