Free tip: Warren Eagles covers grading skin in Resolve 17

In this free tip which you can watch below, experienced colorist Warren Eagles covers his thoughts and techniques for grading skin. Like his training, available at, this video focuses on the creative reasons and background for his color grading approaches and how to apply them in Resolve. If you’re grading in Resolve — maybe you’re a colorist, editor, DOP, vfx artist, or motion graphic designer –you’ll find useful tidbits and approaches.

“I wanted to go through and show several things about grading skin in the new version 17,” says Warren. “I would estimate that about half the questions I get in online events, classrooms, and seminars have to do with color correcting skin.” He has a couple of thoughts and ideas as to why this is the case, which he covers in the full tip, below.

Among other things, Warren covers:

  • His theories on why info on grading skin is such a common request
  • What you should and shouldn’t be doing when grading skin
  • Using the new HDR Tools for the task
  • Importance of primaries when grading skin
  • Improvements in OFX Face Refinement
  • OFX Patch Replacer
  • How to keep clients in your room


Warren has been creating online Resolve training in partnership with fxphd for more than 15 years. He currently has five courses on offer, including Resolve 17 Insights, training targeted towards existing users and focusing on features in the new version.

In addition, Warren also offers four other courses: Resolve Fundamentals, Intermediate Resolve, Insider Techniques for the Pro Colorist, and Warren’s Looks & Matching Masterclass.

Check out for all of his courses.