Free preview: NUK310 – The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work

Free preview: NUK310 – The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work

| November 3, 2014

This term at fxphd, we’re running a brand new Advanced Nuke course covering “NUK301: The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work.” This advanced course looks at the techniques used to improve the physical appearance of on-screen talent; techniques which are useful on almost every single project. Prof Nathaniel Westveer will be sharing production-proven approaches for creating seamless digital beauty, which is a mash up of various practices sometimes referred to as digital beauty work, digital cosmetics, and digital beauty retouching.

Westveer, having broken into this secret world as an fxphd member years ago, returns to share his knowledge with the community, bringing light to a dark art. He brings experience of having worked on 60+ music videos featuring a large range of Hollywood legends and icons, including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyonce and more.

To give you a taste of the course, we’ve posted the entire second class here for you to watch for free.

NUK310 is one of 12 new courses running this term, along with over 100 returning courses. You can check out the full lineup on our courses page. If you’ve never been a member of fxphd, now is a great time to join for the first time. For the first week of November we have a limited time special offer that takes $100 off the price of an fxphd membership. If you wnat more information about fxphd and how it works, check out our  “how fxphd works” page.


 Watch the free preview of NUK310

The term in brief

The lineup has multiple courses for various areas of specialty such as compositing, pipeline and 3D. The selection is then rounded out by several other broader offerings. In a nutshell, here are the new courses on offer this term:

3DE101: Introduction to 3D Equalizer
DMP204: Digital Matte Painting Workshop
DOP219: Lighting with Natural Light
FLR101: Introduction to Flare and Flame Assist
GOL101: Introduction to Golaem Crowd
HOU212: Procedural Production Workflow: The Force Field
MYA221: Maya Foundations: Animation
NUK229: Hit the Ground Running with NUKE Studio
NUK310: The Dark Art of Digital Beauty Work
SYS203: The Web and Cloud for the Artist
VRY102: Introduction to V-Ray 3 for Maya
Of course, Background Fundamentals also returns for ten new episodes this term. Background is our weekly magazine style ‘course’ that covers a range of topics…it is an exclusive bonus for being a member.

In addition, members have access to over $40,000 worth of VPN software to help them learn the tools and build shots for their reel (non-commercial use only).

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