New course: Flame Full Production Workflow

Mihran Stepanyan on set.

Mihran Stepanyan is a feature film film director, cinematographer, and a self-taught Flame artist who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. He started working on Flame over five years ago and since then it has become his favorite tool for vfx.

“Before my first contact with Flame in Moscow,” says Stepanyan, “I studied some videos and other information that I could find via internet. When I worked on it for first time it was Anniversary Edition and I totally feel in love with it, because it was even better than i could imagine (compared to the previous versions).”

Since he had to learn Flame on his own, his goal with the new course is to return his knowledge to the vfx and post community. “I like to share my ideas and some tricks, and not make a secret of the techniques or methods I use,” he says. “fxphd gives the opportunity to share all this information with other artists. I think that the role of fxphd is very important for any artist who wants to feel the pulse of the industry and be part of it.”

His new course, Flame Full Production Workflow (course overview),  has five hours of instruction covering great motion graphics techniques, particles, Action shaders, the timeline, modeling with the 3D shape tool, and more. The course is just one of the over 150 courses available at fxphd, all viewable once you join. Check out the teaser video, below.

Over time, Flame replaced many different software packages that Stepanyan used. “I think the reason is because it’s very multifunctional, it has a complex set of tools that most more needed  for VFX artist,” he says. “I do my editing, grading, compositing and many more only in one software: Flame. There’s one thing that’s very important for me: my work became very fast and less stressful since i started using Flame. I think the reason is its stability and flexibility.”

A screen grab from the Flame Full Production Workflow course.