New course: <em>Flame Full Commercial Production Workflow</em>

New course: Flame Full Commercial Production Workflow

site news | January 21, 2020

This new course (full details here) provides artists with an in-depth overview of the different workflows available in Flame and shows their advantages and disadvantages along the way. Furthermore, it equips artists with a range of tricks and strategies to avoid the many pitfalls that escalating projects can create. The course consists of over 5 1/2 hours of training over 11 classes. Premium members have download access to the materials used while recording the course so they can follow along with the training.

In the last few years, Autodesk Flame has undergone fundamental changes in both its workflow and its position in a post-production pipeline. While Flame still is a great node-based compositing tool, it has also turned from the standalone hero workstation into more of a hub for post-production facilities.

These changes reflect in the daily life of any Flame artist. Ten years ago artists dealt with three to five versions of a commercial. Nowadays they have to deal with fifty or more. Add different formats and aspect ratios into the mix as well as constant changes to both the edit and the grading and things can quickly get really messed up.

Christoph Zapletal is a Freelance Flame and Nuke Artist and has been working in the industry for a little over twenty years. One of his specialities is beauty work and retouching. Beyond that, he is an Instructor at SAE Institute and a frequent contributor to Digital Production Magazine.

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