New course: <em>Beauty Work and Digital Makeup with Flame, Part 2</em>

New course: Beauty Work and Digital Makeup with Flame, Part 2

site news | November 16, 2018

The latest releases of Flame have seen some major improvements for beauty work. This, together with new beauty challenges for you to think your teeth into, warrants a second part to our series. With a total of four all-new production-level shots to work on, the course tackles not only the usual beauty work of removing spots and dimples, but also tasks that are not beauty work themselves but often go hand-in-hand with beauty work.

Senior Flame artist Christoph Zapletal takes you through these tasks, including rebuilding a glare on top of your beauty work or stabilizing a shot using motion vector warping. In that spirit, the last shot of the course will be a great challenge for everybody, as it includes complete relighting on a very close-up shot using both SynthEyes and Flame in combination.  Even if you’re not a Flame artist, this course can be incredibly useful for learning techniques applicable in other applications.

This course is a follow up to Zapletal’s initial course, Beauty Work and Digital Makeup with Flame, Part 1. This course and over 250 other courses are all available with a monthly membership to fxphd.

Christoph Zapletal is a Freelance Flame and Nuke Artist and has been working in the industry for close to twenty years. One of his specialities is beauty work and retouching. His clients include Nivea, Schwarzkopf and Manhattan Cosmetics.

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