After Effects & Red Giant in Broadcast Design

Taught by Harry Frank

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April 2012 
7 hours 59 minutes 
Dive deep into the powerful world of motion graphics and visual effects with Harry Frank; a designer, animator and product guru for Red Giant. This course is based around the type of work any mograph designer might be called upon to build: the creation of packaging and IDs for a broadcast network. You will work towards creating dazzling visual effects and motion graphics in After Effects using the various tools available from Red Giant, including Trapcode Suite, Knoll Light Factory, Magic Bullet Looks and more.

By popular request, the course will take the time to explore key mograph plugins such as Form and Particular, providing hard core tips and techniques that will help take intermediate users to an advanced skill level.

Harry is a designer, animator and product guru for Red Giant. You can see his numerous tutorials on RGTV at As freelancer, Harry has worked on numerous projects with clients such as Blur, Bl:nd, Digital Kitchen and more.
After Effects & Red Giant in Broadcast Design
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Class Listing

Class 1: Planning our animation

Examining the style frames and planning our animation. We will create particle assets and prep additional artwork that we'll need for our animations.

Class 2: Basics of Trapcode Form and Particular

Here we'll create a basic space scene for a simple "Earth" ID. We'll import some renders from Cinema 4D and add basic particle exhaust to a spaceship.

Class 3: Starting the "Air" ID

Here we will dive further into an intermediate overview of Particular. We'll explore how to quickly create 3D atmospheric, fog and cloud effects.

Class 4: Creating the "Water" ID

We will explore underwater effects with Particular, including bubbles, flocking fish and subsurface water effects with Psunami and Shine.

Class 5: Finishing the composite

Underwater effects with Lux, Knoll Light Factory and Magic Bullet Looks. Creating the "Fire" ID, using Form and Particular. Focusing on Creating smoke, fire and sparks. Integrating footage.

Class 6: Finishing the "Fire" ID

Here we'll also create some interesting transitional effects for ID endpages.

Class 7: Second "Earth" ID

Starting with a forest/jungle design. Using various AE tools to bring static images to life, and integrate.

Class 8: Space ID, part 1.

Space ID, part 1.

Class 9: Space ID, part 2.

Space ID, part 2.

Class 10: Special topics and forum questions.

Special topics and forum questions.