VIEW Conference final lineup announced

VIEW Conference final lineup announced

around the web | October 7, 2018

With VIEW Conference 2018 only two weeks away, conference Director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez revealed the latest speakers and additions. The event will be held in a new venue, which will make the event more comfortable for attendees. fxphd’s John Montgomery will be attending the event and registration is still open at the conference website.

Joining the list of previously announced speakers at VIEW 2018 are vfx supervisor Thomas Hullin (presenting Rodeo FX’s work on Game of Thrones), RISE Visual Effects’ Executive VFX Producer Florian Gellinger (showing that studio’s work on Ant-Man and the Wasp), and Weta Digital’s Head of R&D Paolo Emilio Selva discussing technology innovations at Weta. In addition, and Animation Director Troy Saliba and Digital Effects Supervisor Aharon Bourland from Double Negative will present their work on Venom.

Keynote presenters for VIEW 2018 include five Oscar winners: composer Hans Zimmer, ILM visual effects supervisor Dennis Muren, SVP Creative Strategy at Magic Leap John Gaeta, Creative Director for Google Spotlight Stories Jan Pinkava, and Side FX Founder CEO Kim Davidson. Also, Paramount Animation president MireilleSoria, Head of ILM Rob Bredow, and Cornell Professor Donald Greenberg,

Two previously unannounced events at VIEW include sessions for game developers on the Sunday prior to the conference and a panel featuring women in animation on the last day of the conference.

The special Women in Animation panel will feature Paramount Animation President Mireille Soria, Cartoon Saloon Creative Director Nora Twomey, Pixar Director of Photography Danielle Feinberg, and LAIKA Storyboard Artist Emanuela Cozzi.

In addition to talks by leading scholars, directors, artists, writers, and animators, VIEW offers workshops and masterclasses by many top professionals.


VIEW 2018 workshops

“The Humor of Buster Keaton: David Misch, producer, stand-up comedian and screenwriter

“Visual Storytelling: All the Story Nuggets You Didn’t Know You Were Seeing: Pixar’s Danielle Feinberg, director of photography for Coco at Pixar

“Smallfoot: A Big Myth- Understanding Explained: Karl Herbst, visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks

“Making Characters Great Again:” Mike Ford, visual effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks

“A Graphic Look at Animation Posing and Staging:” Troy Saliba, animation supervisor at Double Negative

VIEW 2018 Masterclasses include:

“Designing the Monster:” Industrial Light & Magic’s Glen McIntosh, animation supervisor for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

“Art Directing with Vision and Purpose for Games: Henry LaBounta, senior art director, Electronic Arts

“Visual Effects for Computer Animation: Bill Watral, visual effects supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios for Incredibles 2

“The Comprehensive Art of the Elaborate Storyboard:” Emanuela Cozzi, storyboard artist at Laika

“Character Walks:” Alex Williams, head of animation at Escape Studios

“Post-production in 2D Animation:” Director Marino Guarnieri

“Compositing Visual Effects in 2D Animation:” Director Marino Guarnieri

“CG Cartoony Animation:” Simone Giampaolo, animation director at Aardman Animation on

“Acquiring and Lighting a Backplate for Visual Effects:” Daniel Shutt, 3D teacher at Escape Studios

“Immersive Sound for Virtual Reality:” Gianni Ricciardi, audio director at WANT Musik and Matteo Milani, sound designer at Unidentified Sound Object

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