VFX Foundations: now available for purchase by non-members

VFX Foundations: now available for purchase by non-members

| November 28, 2012

Previously available only to fxphd members, we are excited to be releasing VFX Foundations, Part I as part of our fast forward program. It is a course designed for EVERYONE, from an absolute beginner to a career visual effects professional.  If you’re in visual effects, regardless of your level, this course should be a requirement.

What’s the background regarding the course? In response to a huge government and private initiative, a large cross section of people from many of the top of the VFX facilities in the UK got together in 2011 to define what was the most crucial things for educators and students in VFX to know. For professor Tahl Niran, it was a major turning point in how he approached training.

Visual effects training is often designed to get people ‘up and running’ with software, make pretty images or just get people feeling comfortable with a complicated application. But underneath every system which creates, manipulates or even displays images is a very simple set of core ideas. Identifying and understanding these is the key to a truly deep understanding of visual effects compositing, and this course aims to solve this.

The fast forward program is standalone instruction with immediate download and does not include access to our discussion forums or VPN software. For details about the course, visit the fxphd store.



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