TopTech: TruColor Lights

TopTech: TruColor Lights

| Posted by Mike Seymour | November 6, 2012

We start a new series here of bringing you short and hopefully informative reviews of new kit, production apps and cameras. We get to see a lot of new gear at fxphd and so in partnership with the ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society) we will from time to time be publishing these reviews. Our aim is to keep you current with new gear and new techniques. Larger reviews and workflows will be covered inside fxphd as part of Background Fundamentals (BKD) – our weekly free half hour HD magazine show for fxphd members.

Our first review is of a new type of light: a TruColor HS light. This light is very different from any other we have ever seen – it lights a piece of phosphor with LEDs set behind it – sort of like a cross between a new tech TV and  a calibrated LCD panel.  The effect is a low heat, long lasting area light that is even, controllable and can be customized to different lighting setups.

Below are two frames from clips – one lit with a 650W tungsten – one with a new TruColor light showing it on skin tones, and our review with long time friend of fxphd, cinematographer Tom Gleeson.

[fx_video src=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/TopTech-01-mst.mp4″ link=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/TopTech-01-mst.mp4″]Watch a review of the TruColor HS.[/fx_video]

This new light source uses a phosphor panel that emitts light when excited by a LED light source. While the LED source is frequency limited the phosphor panels emitt a much wider range of visible light. The advantages are a more stable no flicker output with good colorimetric findings.

We tested the light with Macbeth charts and skin tone with a tungsten 2K as a benchmark and found an extremely good match. The light itself is soft and directionless making barn doors and light control vital. The light itself is compact and well built although a large and heavy 6kg ballast is required. One advantage of the phosphor panels are that they are easily swapped out for different color temperatures, 2700, 3200, 4500, 5600 and 6500K. Also available are pure green panels for chroma key work.



Special thanks to the ACS.

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