Siggraph Asia

Siggraph Asia

| November 27, 2012

This week we are in Singapore for Siggraph Asia. We will be blogging and doing short reports here in the production blog, with some major interviews coming out not long after the show.

Siggraph Asia is a much smaller show than say LA, but still very informative. Not only for the Asian perspective, but because being a smaller show you actually get to see things and meet lots of people. This year there are great talks from ILM, PIXAR and DNeg to name a few, but it is the technical papers and courses that I am personally really looking forward to.

There are just so few places in the world you can get such intense high quality insights into real production and R&D work. In an age of internet immediacy and instant everything, – having someone stand and carefully explain something for an hour is a luxury I still really enjoy. Not everything can be reduced to punchy entertaining knowledge mcNuggets – sometimes serious ideas take some time to present.

That being said I was reminded of a remark made about the length of sermons. Forgive this mildly sexist remark, but you should time Siggraph papers like a woman’s dress: short enough to keep people interested and long enough to cover all the essentials.

If you are in Singapore this week – please ping John or I and we’d love to meet up for a beer.

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