site news | Posted by John Montgomery | July 2, 2018
New course: <em>Principles of Animation</em>

New course: Principles of Animation

Our newest course, taught by Toby Winder, focuses on the 12 principles of animation, helping you attain a solid understanding of these principles so you can apply them to animations.

around the web | Posted by John Montgomery | May 23, 2018
New RISE <em>Black Panther</em> reel

New RISE Black Panther reel

RISE have released a new VFX breakdown reel covering about their work on the Jabariland environment, FX work, and the hologram sequences.

site news | Posted by John Montgomery | April 20, 2018
New course: <em>Shotgun in Production</em>

New course: Shotgun in Production

Taught by multiple producers, artists and TD’s from Austin-based studio Mighty Coconut, this new course covers how to make the most of Shotgun on everything from large animated series to smaller VFX productions.