Our favorite conferences: VIEW edition

Our favorite conferences: VIEW edition

feature | June 29, 2017

The lineup at VIEW 2017, held in Turin, Italy from October 23-27, is getting better and better. The lineup of conference speakers now includes Joe Letteri (War for the Plante of the Apes), John Nelson (Blade Runner 2049), Bill Westenhofer (Wonder Woman), and Martin Hill (Valerian).

This is in addition to the already announced Animal Logic’s Rob Coleman, Sci-Tech Oscar winner Paul Debevec, Hal Hickel from ILM, and many more.  For details about attending, visit www.viewconference.it .

We’ve covered the conference for several years at fxguide, but the 2016 edition was the first one I attended. It’s an incredibly important conference for artists in southern Europe, as well as students working on their degrees in Italy. What’s impressive is the high quality lineup of speakers that make the trip to Turin to share their knowledge.

Many of the speakers are returning guests, having seen firsthand the enthusiasm of the attendees and the conference organizers. The importance of these high level vfx/games/industry professionals coming to Turin shouldn’t be understated. It brings a bit of SIGGRAPH and FMX to an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and be inspired.

Conference director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez.

The event is a reflection of conference director Dr. Maria Elena Gutierrez and her passion for the industry and its future members. While it is her role, it is very much a labor of love for her and something she greatly enjoys doing. This love is reflected back through the enthusiasm of the speakers and the attendees.

What I truly enjoy about the event is the diversity. It brings together professionals in the animation, visual effects, virtual reality, digital design and gaming industries. There are workshops and other events, but the talks are a big attraction for us. There is one main theater where the talks are scheduled and what’s nice about that is that you don’t end up with the conflicts that inevitably happen at big conferences.

Of course, if the speaker lineup wasn’t strong that would be a problem — but that’s not the case at VIEW. What ends up happening is being exposed  to interesting presentations that are maybe slightly outside one’s focus, expanding one’s knowledge in a different way. For example, at last year’s conference I enjoyed attending the Google Daydream VR session as well as Kubo writer Marc Haimes’ presentation on screenplays — sessions I might not otherwise had attended but now appreciate what I learned.

Turin is also a easy city to explore via walking, with shopping streets close by and beautiful walks along the Po River. And then there’s my favorite place in Turin, Open Baladin Torino, an amazing brew pub with a goal that the owner says is to “turn Turin into the capital of Italian craft beer in northern Italy.” It’s right behind the VIEW venue. Perfect.

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