New release: <em>Nuke and the VFX of RISE</em>

New release: Nuke and the VFX of RISE

site news | Posted by John Montgomery | May 26, 2017

In our new project-based course, Abhimanyu Tanwar works through the compositing aspects of several shots he completed for the short film RISE (imdb crew link). The course starts with ingesting media inside Nuke Studio and building a compositing workflow. He then dives into creating clean plates and CG integration into those scenes.  The scenes also provide an opportunity to demonstrate how to set up matte painting and clean plate projection techniques utilizing Nuke’s 3D system. For premium members, this course contains over 20GB of high resolution source files from the scenes demonstrated in the course.

Get the full course rundown on the course information page.

The short film was developed and directed by David Karlak. The Hollywood Reporter revealed in March that his short will be adapted into a feature produced by Filmula’s Johnny Lin and Cross Creek’s Brian Oliver.

For the visual effects, Karlak says the effects were truly a collaborative effort due to his limited budget. In fact, by the time the film got to meat of the vfx work, Karlak had run out of money so he launched a Kickstarter campaign that ended up raising over $35,000. Most of the money was used for the effects for the main character Basil and many shots were completed by volunteers.

Check out our fxguidetv episode, below, for cool presentation by Scott Metzger and David Karlak.

fxguidetv #178: Mari & Modo on Rise




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