New course: <em>Principles of Animation</em>

New course: Principles of Animation

site news | July 2, 2018

Our newest course, taught by Toby Winder, focuses on the 12 principles of animation, helping you attain a solid understanding of these principles so you can apply them to animations. Having this foundation is not only vitally important in improving the quality and believability of animations, but also in creating a language for an animator to communicate ideas to other animators and to aid in receiving feedback from supervisors.

Members will work through animation exercises that become progressively more challenging and complex, allowing application of the principles and helping structure the learning experience. While the course is taught using Maya, all the principles and concepts will apply in any 3D software that is capable of animation. Knowledge of Maya is assumed, but an expert knowledge level is not required by any means.

This course is taught by Toby Winder, a Senior Animator currently working at Rodeo FX in Montreal. He has been in the Animation and Visual Effects industry since 2006 and has contributed to many projects such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Dr. Strange, and Alien Covenant. Toby has animation experience in high-end VFX, television, commercials, and games.

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