New course: <em>Modeling and Texturing Photoreal Environments using Photoscan and ZBrush</em>

New course: Modeling and Texturing Photoreal Environments using Photoscan and ZBrush

site news | March 6, 2018

This in-depth course (full details here) covers how to create photoreal textured 3D environments, props, and scenes using photography and two software packages. Agisoft Photoscan is 3D reconstruction software and Pixologic ZBrush is high end 3D sculpting software. By the end of this course, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to recreate all kinds of different and challenging objects including rocks, trees, roots, and large ground surfaces as well as entire environments as photoreal photo-scanned assets.

This new course and over 200 other courses are available with an fxphd membership.

You will also learn how to re-toplogise and UV map high resolution geometry in Zbrush so that it efficiently renders in many VFX and game pipelines. The course features over 2900 photos used to recreate the photo-scanned assets, and some of the most detailed and complex high end production level photoreal 3D assets which are amazing to train with.

The course is taught by Liam Whitehouse who has been in the 3D and visual effects industry since 2003, graduating from Griffith University with a degree in Industrial Design. He has most recently worked as a Technical Director at Industrial Light and Magic where he completed work on Transformers 3. He has extensive experience using commercially available software for water simulations as well as experience using proprietary software available inside Lucasfilm for generating Rigid Body (Physbam), Gas Simulations (Plume) and particle simulations (Zeno). Liam has been recently teaching VFX at Griffith University Film School, and Nuke at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane Queensland.


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