New course: <em>Introduction to Multiplane in Fusion</em>

New course: Introduction to Multiplane in Fusion

site news | August 24, 2018

Graham Davidson has worked with multiplane since the early eighties, initially working with rostrums cameras, but then embracing the ability to shift the technique into the digital domain. In this nine-part course, he’ll take you through three projects of differing complexity.

This course uses multiplane creative techniques to help teach artists how to create effects in Fusion. Since the early 1930’s multiplane has been a fundamental tool for creating the illusion of depth in 2D animation. With the advent of digital technology, the physical constraints of being restricted to a rostrum with a complex rig supporting heavy sheets of glass have been removed, opening up the possibility of combining other 3D elements, such as particle effects and 3D shapes.

The first two classes will also be helpful for those who are new to node-based composting and can be done on any version of Fusion from version 6 onwards. The second project is complex and requires Fusion 9 for the ability to copy a 2D tracking path into the 3D environment. It can be achieved with both the free version and Studio version. The third project requires the Fusion Studio 9 to make use of the new Camera Tracker.


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