New course: Beauty Work and Digital Makeup with Flame

New course: Beauty Work and Digital Makeup with Flame

site news | September 15, 2017

Beauty Work has always been a hallmark of Flame compositing and is required on more and more projects and increasing resolutions lead to ever tougher challenges. If you think that there is more to beauty retouching than “Blur-It, Glow-It, Ship-It”, then this course is just for you and it’s part of the fxphd membership plan.

With the 2018 release, Flame’s Paint Module has been thoroughly reworked and offers great new possibilities for Beauty Work, which we will explore in great detail. We will also take a look at select Matchbox Shaders that offer possibilities for Beauty Work previously unknown to Flame. Finally we will see why Flame and Mocha are great companions for this kind of work.

And even if you’re not a Flame artist, this course can be incredibly useful for learning techniques applicable in other applications.

Christoph Zapletal is a freelance Flame and Nuke Artist and has been working in the industry for close to twenty years. One of his specialities is beauty work and retouching. His clients include Nivea, Schwarzkopf and Manhattan Cosmetics.

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