Image Engine’s <em>Fanastic Beasts</em> breakdown reel

Image Engine’s Fanastic Beasts breakdown reel

around the web | January 26, 2017

While the studio’s shot count on the film was 88 shots, the amount of work and screen time involved made Fantastic Beasts as intensive a project as any of Image Engine’s previous digital creature creations. The company’s workload included the Graphorns and Swooping Evil.

Check out their breakdown reel, below.


3 Responses to “Image Engine’s Fanastic Beasts breakdown reel”

  1. JohnDraisey

    That’s top notch work, Image Engine is up there with ILM now in terms of quality. I really felt like the beasts were alive when I watched the movie.

  2. Dave

    Love these breakdown reels. Image Engine did an amazing job on this show. I would love to have been part of this project.

  3. joshua

    an amazing job was done on this movie the effects and cinematography was just on point


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