Free course download: <em>Retro Resolve</em>

Free course download: Retro Resolve

site news | Posted by John Montgomery | June 11, 2017

We’re currently in production with three brand new Resolve 14 courses being taught by Warren Eagles, which will be coming out very soon:

  1. Resolve Fundamentals
  2. Advanced Resolve
  3. Warren’s Looks and Matching Masterclass with Resolve

The Looks and Matching course includes a creative feedback component where you can submit your finished grade in our forums and have the work critiqued by Warren himself.

In the lead up to the release of the new courses, we thought we’d share a free bonus. Here’s your chance to download and watch the world’s first da Vinci Resolve online color correction classes using both the 2K Plus and Resolve 6, first released in 2007. It’s lead by Warren, who was the first fxphd professor teaching colour grading.

As part of the course, Warren supervised the grading of a miniature fxphd oil rig shoot, filmed with the Genesis camera by Steve Newman ACS. In the course, Warren discusses the relationship between the colorist and DP in a fantastic opening lesson with Steve and other ACS cinematographers attending the shoot.

Download the free course

Also, you’ll see early and not often seen footage of Eagles handling, loading and grading 16mm film with Mike Seymour in the telecine bay. Colorist Trish Cahill (The Hobbit, Hacksaw Ridge) also joins Warren for a lesson on grading feature films.

It’s a great tutorial if you are still using or looking to work on a 2K Plus and great insight into the role of a colorist if you are looking to increase your background knowledge of coloring.

Download the free course

Course outline

Class 1: On set conversations with DP’s. Warren chats with DPs at Warners Bros Studios Gold Coast, including DP Steve Newman who talks about what he is shooting with the Genesis camera.

Class 2: An overview of the da Vinci 2K Plus: features, GUI, panels, looks and styles.

Class 3: Setup and startup of the 2K Plus.

Class 4: Warren discusses grading beauty footage greenscreen, with Mike Seymour acting as the demanding client.

Class 5: Grading effects shots on 16mm film. Warren and Mike grade the high speed film VFX explosion shots. Great shots of Warren loading the Spirit Telecine machine then grading real film.

Class 6: In this first ever online class covering Resolve, Warren introduces us to a few of the ways he likes to work with Resolve and highlights the power of the nodes.

Class 7: Continuing with the discussion of Resolve and comparison to the da Vinci 2K..

Class 8: A look at DI workflows using Resolve.

Class 9: Returning to da Vinci 2K, grading from film: secondaries and effects.

Class 10: A lesson with guest colorist Trish Cahill (The Hobbit, Hacksaw Ridgetalking about some of her experiences and techniques used working on Superman.

Class 11: Achieving “looks”.

Class 12: Using Resolve to color correct the final comp of the oil rig shot. Worth watching for Warren’s failed attempt to get Steve Newman on the phone.

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