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news wire | April 10, 2017

A new version of the video review and collaboration tool launched today, bringing numerous improvements. The site launched two years ago and has become popular with a lot of video/fx professionals. This update includes over 100 new features, including new client review pages, version 2.0 of their centerpiece player, as well as general workflow improvements.


Here are some highlights from the press release

Client Review Pages

Review Pages give clients the same commenting powers as collaborators, without exposing them to the full interface. Settings are highly configurable to meet any one customer’s specific needs, including workflow controls (approvals), security (password protection, setting expiration date), and communication (including a personalized message for the client). Eliminating confusing email threads, the friction-free Review Pages workflow simplifies the exchange of ideas, consolidating feedback in a succinct manner, ensuring editors and artists have the input they need to perfect the project. And for those using Adobe® Premiere® or After Effects®, those thoughts flow directly into the timeline, where you can immediately take action and upload a new version.

Player 2.0

The 2.0 Player page has gotten a serious makeover, and now offers greater navigation, efficiency and accountability. New “comment heads” allow artists to visually see who left a comment and where, so they can easily and quickly find and prioritize feedback on any given project. Users can also preview the next comment, allowing them to fully grasp feedback, saving them time when one comment affects another.

Ideal for motion and visual effects artists, the new looping feature lets users watch the same short clip on loop, allowing them to immerse themselves in the visuals and make just the right number of tweaks to create the perfect effect. You can even select a range within a clip to really dive in deep. 2.0’s asset slider makes it super simple to navigate between assets from the player page.


The brand new 2.0 dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up for speed and simplicity. Manage collaborators for any given project from the all-new collaborator panel, where adding an entire team to a project is just one click away. Don’t waste time scrolling through countless projects to find the one you need to work on; a simple search in the project search bar makes it super easy to bring up a project. Getting lost in a project? Just look up to the breadcrumb navigation bar, which tracks every move deeper into a sub-sub-subfolder, helping artists stay oriented when getting lost in their work. Even better, the new list view option with mini-scrub gives users the birds-eye view of everything happening in 2.0.

Copying and moving assets between projects is not only simple, but it takes up no additional storage, even when users make thousands of copies of a clip or project. 2.0 also now offers the ability to publish direct to Vimeo, with full control over publishing options, so users can create the description and set privacy permissions, right then and there.


For a full listing of features, be sure to visit the release announcement on the web site.

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