New course release: <em>Flame for Nuke Artists</em>

New course release: Flame for Nuke Artists

site news | June 21, 2017

With support for OSX, the move to a more affordable subscription model, and the fast pace of development over the last several years, Flame in gaining traction in wider variety of vfx markets. An artist that knows both Flame and Nuke — and the strengths and weaknesses of each — has a leg up on others and that’s where our new course comes in.

This 12-part course with over eight hours of video instruction is designed to get Nuke compositors up to speed on Flame. Taught by experienced Flame and Nuke artist Sam Edwards, many of the lessons will cover shots created in previous fxphd Nuke courses so that students can refer back to the previous course to compare. The course contrasts Nuke vs Flame workflows and discusses the underlying principals of compositing and how Flame handles them. You’ll be shown tools equivalent to those in Nuke, but special attention is paid to the unique tools in Flame.

The new offering is just one of over 150 courses to which fxphd members have access. You can check out a full rundown of all the classes in this course on our course information page.  Premium members get full access to the high resolution imagery used in the course, so they can follow along and build shots for their reel.


To follow along with the course, members can install a 30-day trial version of Flame (for OSX), available for free from the Autodesk web site.

Edwards started using flame in 1992 when he took delivery of the second Discreet Logic system in New York City. There he worked on TV commercials, music videos, and feature films for eight years. In 2000, Edwards moved to the West Coast where he took a job at Digital Domain, where he was assigned to the Nuke development team as a test compositor and helped write the in house documentation. He has composited in Nuke and Flame on many large VFX films at ILM and other top studios.  Today, Sam is a VFX Supervisor and occasional compositor on television programs, feature films, and teaches here at fxphd.

3 Responses to “New course release: Flame for Nuke Artists

  1. Eric

    Look forward to the course! Thanks!

  2. Gregoire

    Cool Course! I’ve been waiting for something like this.
    Shame, 30day trial for Flame won’t cut it.
    Why not distribute training licenses via VPN?
    I don’t know in advance if I can complete the course in a month. As a compositor in advertising my agenda is not really predictable to say the least.


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